Our Story

TAVOLI Incorporated is a cutting edge technology company that develops exciting new mobile ordering platforms for dine-in restaurants.

The TAVOLI Platform allows customers to explore menu options, order and pay while seated at tables inside restaurants and on restaurant patios. The TAVOLI Virtual Attendant guides customers through the ordering process creating a unique, engaging and satisfying experience.

TAVOLI keeps customers and employees safe by eliminating printed menus, bill presentation folders and direct contact with credit cards, Point of Sale Systems and payment processing terminals. For Quick Service Restaurants with seating TAVOLI supports physical distancing by eliminating line ups at order counters and congestion at pick up counters.

TAVOLI allows restaurants to sign up with no upfront, monthly or annual fixed costs. TAVOLI enabled restaurants pay a low transaction fee on every order and receive deposits directly to their bank account each night.

We believe COVID has severely impacted the way restaurants and their customers will interact now and in the future and that restaurant operators need solutions to help re-invent that interaction.