COVID-19 Update – Keep your customers and employees safe when your dine/eat in restaurant re-open. Replace menus, payment processing pin pads and bill presentation folders which can foster the spread of the virus with the TAVOLI app. Customers can explore your menu, order and pay without any direct contact with wait staff. Additional TAVOLI features ensures an amazing and safe experience for all. Contact us today to sign up.

PARTNER WITH TAVOLI and put control of food and drink orders in your customers’ hands at tables inside your restaurant.

TAVOLI is a technology platform helping restaurants delight customers, increase order efficiency and boost their bottom line.  Partner with us today.

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How Tavoli Works For Restaurant Partners

Customers sit a table, explore your menu, order, and pay using the TAVOLI APP

Your kitchen receives and prepares the order.

Your staff delivers the order to the customer at their table.

Restaurant Benefits

Customer Benefits